M.E.N. @ Jasper Corner

The Men's Dance Movement Project

The Men’s Dance Movement Project – (M.E.N.) led by Philip Channells (Creative Director, Dance Integrated Australia) was established at Jasper Corner on Sunday 16 February 2014. Jasper Corner, comprising the community hall and former Anglican church is the cultural heart of the historic Federal village, just 30 minutes inland from Byron Bay.

Eight men with different life experience and cultural background (whose ages ranged across six decades) attended this ‘taster’ event. Some had no previous experience of participating in a dance workshop before but all had a story to tell, which became just part of the creative process they used to generate individual and authentic movement vocabulary.

Accompanying the dancers with violin was local musician, Dominic Rado who has previously collaborated with Channells on The Corner Dance Lab 2014 and IT’S ALL ABOfUT ME #1 with solo artist, Daniel Monks.

For a link to the NBN Northern Rivers News item, click here

Here’s what some of the men had to say about their experience.

I really appreciate Philip’s ability to flow from one thing to the next and allow for spontaneity.

“I’ll take home with me a renewed confidence in my ability to improvise dance and express myself in front of virtual strangers. We men are not really all that different from each other.”

I felt secure, safe and supported throughout the day. A lovely exploration of consciousness. Thank you.

“The highlight was working with the ‘platforms’ – expanding movement vocab through this process. Also spending the day with men and sharing space inclusively and openly. Connecting with others.”

I felt held by the space. It was appropriate balance of challenge and support. A good intro bonding ‘taster’.

“I liked relaxing on the floor and playing follow the leader. I like to improv.”

It was quite interesting working in a male only environment – it was actually more relaxing than I thought it would be – and very supportive.

“I gained a sense of belonging and acceptance and felt safe to reveal more of myself to other men. I loved this session – thank you so much – it was enlivening and inspiring.”

I have a stronger sense of confidence in my body’s ability to move and be expressive.

If you would like to learn more about The Men’s Dance Movement Project – M.E.N. or sign up for future workshops in 2015, contact Philip Channells through his website.

Photo: Philip Channells / Dancers: Brett Lenehan, Guy Simpson, Dan Sanderson & Phil Blackman (L-R)