Lee-Anne Litton

Lee-Anne Litton

“Touch sensitizes, promotes awareness and is one of the important means to Contact Improvisation.” The class starts with simple exercises, to give the opportunity to release excess muscular tension preparing the dancer to the sensations of gravity.

With an increased sense of body awareness we will deepen the communication between the dancers with curiosity and playfulness, whilst building techniques of some of the fundamentals of Contact Improvisation. From here maintaining a spontaneous physical dialogue we will find the pleasure in dancing ones own movements together through an effortless mutual flow and continuity.

Returning for the third time, I am excited to be involved again in The Corner Dance Lab as it is a fabulous way to kick off your year. Set in the green hills of Federal Northern NSW it is the perfect place for an Australian dance Lab. Location aside, the week spent learning and challenging your practice with a bunch of diverse artists is always a treat to fuel your creative inspiration for the new year! Lee-Ann Litton


Lee-Anne Litton is a Sydney based aerialist, dancer and physical performer with more than 10 years of professional experience.

A former gymnast, she has training in contemporary dance, traditional aerial techniques (inc.Tissu, Trapeze, Lira), harnessed aerial techniques and a long sustained practice in Contact Improvisation.

She has performed nationally and internationally with some of Australia’s leading physical theatre companies, including Legs On The Wall and Stalker Theatre, as well as creating her own work with Strings Attached.

Over the last few years, Lee-Anne has nurtured a strong interest in the poetical and expressive possibilities that arise from combining aerial performance and dance theatre, developing a strong technical practice that is reflected in her work as well as on the classes she regularly teaches.

Lee-Anne’s teaching credits include; Strings Attached, Stalker, LOTW, Force Majeure, SYDC, ACPE, USNW, NIDA, Aerialize, Touch Compass Co, Dance Integrated Australia, InsideOutside Theatre.

Photo: Alejandro Rolandi