Kate Harman

Kate Harman

Kate Harman has joined the teaching team for The Corner Dance Lab 2014. She will work with other well known NSW-based artists throughout the week including Craig Bary, Phil Blackman, Philip Channells (Creative Director, Dance Integrated Australia), Lee-Anne Litton, Josh Thomson and Gavin Webber (Animal Farm Collective).

In her class Impulsive action, dancers will be working through physical improvisation in an attempt to foster an awareness of impulsive actions and the possibilities that lie buried in the body. This class will encourage individual differences, and concentrate on the body directing movement rather than driven by the head. Let the body make the choices and surprise yourself with where it takes you.

The class starts slowly, from an internalised viewpoint, and moves outwards, encompassing the smallest of movements to the largest, always responding and listening. It cultivates moment to moment awareness and choice, a non-judgemental approach to movement and the richness of immediate impulses. It is a class that nurtures the deepest of creative impulses, the ones that lay beyond the mind.


Kate Harman is a dancer, performer, choreographer and collaborator who has created and performed in works within the realms of dance, theatre, circus, performative installation and in projects created with amateurs and young people.

After completing her dance training at the Queensland University of Technology in 2004 Kate spent three years at Dancenorth under the Artistic Direction of Gavin Webber. In 2007 the company presented her first work, This you made of me, co-created with Alice Hinde.

Relocating to Germany in 2009, Kate joined PVCtanz (Physical Virus Collective). At PVC she worked with Directors Christoph Frick and Tom Schneider, and Choreographers Gavin Webber, Grayson Milwood and Graham Smith. Her works, You’re a Winner! and Horror Bootleg have been presented by Theater Freiburg, Theater Heidelberg and PVCtanz Germany.

Freelance since 2011, Kate continues to work with Grayson Millwood and Gavin Webber as a member of Animal Farm Collective and as guest artist with Theater Freiburg and Klara Theater, Switzerland. She continues her own work and collaborations within Australia and abroad and is currently working on Cock Fight with Animal Farm Collective and Parlour; a collaboration with Alice Hinde.

Photo: Kate Harman