James Brown

James Brown

Sydney-based composer, James Brown joins the artistic line up for The Corner Dance Lab 2016. He will collaborate with Philip Channells (Dance Integrated Australia) and Gavin Webber (The Farm) and 30 other local, interstate and international artists.

The Corner Dance Lab will showcase the culmination of a 9-day program of dance, theatre, music and projections as part of The Main Event performance being held at Jasper Corner, Federal at 7:30 pm on Saturday 23 January 2016.

This will be my first experience with The Corner Dance Lab and I’m very excited to be able to get together with a fantastic group of talented artists to improvise, experiment, and develop a work in this open framework. I’m coming into this as a composer and I’m looking forward to creating music with new dancers as it pushes me to create music that I would not otherwise think of making alone.

I’ve found this kind of format really rewarding in the past, and a great way of coming up with fresh new ideas, being challenged, and getting outside of my comfort zone by working with diverse groups of people. This year I’m looking to approach music in a different way so this will be a good chance to experiment with some new ideas and choreographies being developed simultaneously – and I’m also looking forward to seeing what kind of workshops people come up with during the week. James Brown



James Brown is a Sydney based composer and sound designer. He has worked collaboratively with companies both locally and internationally to produce soundtracks for performance, film animation and games.

His Featured works include: Jane Campion’s Top of The Lake (2013); Matthew Day’s INTERMISSION (2012), Cannibal (2011) and Thousands (2010); Victoria Hunt’s Copper Promises (2012); SOIT (Belgium) Messiah Run (2011), Café Prukel (2010), We Was Them (2009); SPG’s HOMELANDS (2011), NO-MADS (2008), Settlement (2007); The Australian Ballet’s Scope (2011); POST Who’s the Best? (2011); Karen Therese’s The Riot Act (2009); The Football Diaries (2009); Phantom Limbs’ The Memory Progressive (2010); Rosie Dennis’ Worlds Apart (2011); Nalina Wait’s Dual (2008), The Empty Centre (2011), Choreomania (2011); Aisthesis (2009), The Lotus Eaters (2008); The Whale Chorus (2008), A Loving Captive (2008), and Old Feed (2007).


Photo: James Brown (selfie)