Sean Campbell


Federal resident Sean Campbell returns to The Corner Dance Lab 2016 as project manager / costume designer. He will collaborate with Philip Channells (Dance Integrated Australia) and Gavin Webber (The Farm) and 30 other local, interstate and international artists.

The Corner Dance Lab will showcase the culmination of a 9-day program of dance, theatre, music and projections as part of The Main Event performance being held at Jasper Corner, Federal at 7:30 pm on Saturday 23 January 2016


Sean Campbell (project manager / costume designer) studied Fashion Design at Epsom College in Surrey, England before working as a PR executive for a top London firm, where he managed clients from the UK, Amsterdam, Milan, Paris and New York for London and Paris Fashion Week. He moved to Australia in 2009.

He has worked on the costuming for Restless Dance Theatre (BeautyNext of Kin – no ordinary status familyDebut 2 & 3 – the dancers direct); No Strings Attached Theatre of Disability, Vitalstatistix and Finucane & Smith for the Feast Festival 2010 hit show Salon de Danse; Accessible Arts’ Catalyst Dance Masterclass Series 2012 & 2013.

For Philip Channells // Dance Integrated Australia he has project managed the ‘Beyond Technique Residency’ (2013 – 2015) at Bundanon Trust and ‘The Corner Dance Lab’ 2014 & 2015. He worked as the costume designer for Channells’ Behind The Façade, Second Nature, Skin-deepinPerspective #1Enter & Exit, Dwell – A Triple Bill and The Main Event at ‘The Corner Dance Lab’.

Sean has a broad knowledge of fashion, design, music, history and British popular culture. He also designs wedding and bridesmaids dresses, gardens and upholsters second hand furniture.

Photo: Philip Channells