Kimberley McIntyre

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My sessions will evolve from the physical tasks of getting in and out of the floor with speed and grace, focusing on a realeased way of moving the body using momentum and weight. The second half of the workshop will involve a lot of sensing and tuning in skills to be able to gather a group mind. With this heightened sense we can improvise with timing and dynamics to make engaging spontaneous choreography.

I can still remember the deep felt sense of satisfaction I received from being part of the 2015 TCDL. On all levels, both professional and personal, as the experience was heart opening as well as being creatively progressive and stimulating. I look forward to join again in the hinterland of Northern NSW to make and share art and to celebrate dance. Kimberley McIntyre


Kimberley McIntyre is an independent dance artist and choreographer engaged in exploring, making and performing solo works that reflect her world and what she finds fascinating. Her recent solo created for The Sydney Fringe Festival explores the thought provoking task of planning ones own funeral. The Funeral Plan was performed in 2013, and revised for a 2014 season. Kimberley teaches contemporary dance and Contact Improvisation in the Byron Shire, and has performed locally with Round about Theatre. 2015 saw Kimberley join the creative team of The Corner Dance Lab in Federal, leading workshops in dance and devising and performing in the finale performance evening. Kimberley draws on her diverse trainings and interests when researching new choreographic ideas and of late that includes Clown, stand up comedy, and theatre.

Photo: Heidrun Löhr