Kimberley McIntyre

Kimberley McIntyre

Kimberley’s classes delve into improvisation practice through somatic inquiry, finding authenticity of movement by waking up our bodies natural impulses.

Dancers will practice following those impulses as they shift and change using partner work and touch to open our possibilities and explore our responses.  Solo, duo and group work will be explored in this context as we perform for each other and share our inquiries.


Kimberley McIntyre is an artist whose practice includes contemporary dance, improvisation, language and contact improvisation (CI). Ideas are set only to allow them to be played with, and performances that work are full of play and unknowing.

Kimberley has taught, trained and performed in Australia, Europe, and India with many brilliant artists. Her style of dance and performance has been shaped by many and influences of regard include; Janis Claxton (contemporary dance & Improvisation), Helen Clark Lapin (CI), Alice Cumins (BMC & Impro), Tony Osborne (performance & Impro), Al Wunder Theatre (Perfomance and Improvisation), David Zambrano (flying low technique), Wendll Beavers (developmental movement), Andrew d.L Harwood (CI), Nancy Stark Smith (CI), Russel Dumas (modern dance).

Kimberley resides in Northern NSW where she teaches workshops in Dance, Improvisation and CI. As part of the Sydney Fringe program, Kimberley created and performed a new solo work, ‘The Funeral Plan’ at the Annandale Arts Centre’s Platform Shorts 2013 season and again at the Sydney Fringe 2014. This new work is personal, funny and poignant piece of dance theatre that resulted from her interest and training in end of life care.

Photo: Abigal Portwin