Laurie Young

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Candian-born, Laurie Young will lead a morning class titled ‘Shake it out’.

We have so many habits. And that can be good. But what if we could surprise ourselves by discovering new ways of moving by going through our habits to journey beyond them? Shake it out is exactly that. We will shake and laugh to bring us to different states. It is about working from our instincts and how we feel in the present moment.


Laurie Young is a Canadian Berlin based choreographer and performer. She moved to Berlin in 1996 to be a founding member of Sasha Waltz and Guests and performed in over 8 pieces with her all over the world.

Laurie was an ensemble member of Schaubühne am Leniner Platz between 2000-2003 and has also worked with Meg Stuart, Constanza Macras, Benoit Lachambre, Animal Farm Collective, Grayson Millwood among many others.

Laurie’s own pieces include “Natural Habitat” (2011) which was created for the Natural History Museum of Berlin and “How is Now” (2014) and is now currently working on a new film documentary about the history of the Berlin dance community of the last 25 years.

Her choreographies cross over into film and theater where she has enjoyed rich collaborations with film director Bruce laBruce (Bad Breast, Hau 2009), Discoteca Flaming Star, Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay and Heike Schuppelius. Her latest choreographic contribution with Canadian artists Janet Cardiff and George Burres Miller (Alter Bahnhof Video Walk) was exhibited at Documenta (13) in Kassel.


Laurie is currently involved with the Volkswagen Institute’s new initiative of bringing artists and scientists together to work on research development.