Philip Channells

Philip Channells

Co-leading the artistic line up for The Corner Dance Lab with his collaborator, Gavin Webber (The Farm), Philip Channells brings his wealth of experience in disability-inclusive dance practice both in Australia and abroad to the creative investigations which will occur throughout the 8-day program in Federal.

Channells will challenge and inspire dancers to investigate movement vocabulary derived from their unique life experience. He uses writing tasks, contemporary dance and improvisation techniques to research the beginnings of a new commissioned work.


Philip Channells (Bachelor of Dance Performance) is Australia’s leading expert in disability-inclusive dance practice.

His choreographic credits include: PERFECT (im)PERFECTIONS – stories untold, The Main Event (2014), Skin-deep, Enter & Exit (2013), Second Skin, inPerspective #1, Lythophytes & Epiphytes (2012), Next of Kin – no ordinary status family (2010).

Philip is fiercely committed to the development of thriving artistic cultural communities that integrate people from diverse age groups, backgrounds and life experience. Through his work in Australia, the UK, Norway, Finland, Singapore, Hong Kong and Papua New Guinea, Philip builds a collaborative environment conducive to creativity and social inclusion.