Timothy Ohl


As an ageing physical performer, I’m interested in the personalised warm up. The traditional warm up method of consecutive exercises in a conventional dance class no longer inspires me.

I will lead a class that safely prepares the entire body for a full day of dancing but also investigates injury and focuses on ways to possibly repair or mitigate pain, as well as opening up new pathways

Early in my career I was strongly influenced by Israeli dance company, Batsheva, feeding me a great physical connection with their dance practice ‘Gaga’. Since then numerous other improvisation techniques including Ros Warby’s practice, has inspired me to embrace my own organic movement.

I want to lead an improvised warm up, using the numerous techniques I’ve required over the years whilst investigating the needs/desires of the participants.

I can’t wait to get back into Federal for The Corner Dance Lab. It’s such a majestic space that breeds inspiration. Look out Federal. Timothy Ohl


Timothy Ohl is an Actor, Dancer, Acrobat, Singer and Writer who has been predominately involved in Physical and Dance Theatre productions over the past 16 years. He has worked with Independent Choreographers, Directors and Companies such as: Force Majeure, KAGE, Australian Dance Theatre, Legs on the Wall, Chunky Move, Lucy Guerin, Shaun Parker, Stalker, Theatre of Image and Meryl Tankard. Timothy has also been performing his own work and was awarded 2010 Green Room Award for Best Male Dancer in Chunky Move’s ‘Mix Tape’.

In 2015 Timothy collaborated with Dance Integrated Australia and The Farm for The Corner Dance Lab and returned to Federal for a 2-week development of ‘KING TV: A solo delusion’, which was supported through The Corner Residency Program.

Photo: Gavin Clarke