No Difference is part of commissioning partnership project between The Arts Centre Gold Coast and Dance Integrated Australia which supports the development of inclusive dance theatre practice in Australia.

The Corner Dance Lab 2016 hosted the inaugural Indigenous Residency Scholarship program for two emerging Indigenous artists. Emerging and established artists from the Northern Rivers region, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Berlin and London contributed to a 10-day program of dance, theatre, digital projections, music, discussions and performance.

Filmed over three years by filmmaker Sam James, Hyperreal Tales is a series of personal narratives from local story tellers and artists who have worked with director/choreographer Philip Channells to produce twelve interweaving stories told through dance, images, words and music.

Riverfilm is a collaboration between filmmaker Sam James and composer James Brown featuring the work of emerging and established artists who attended The Beyond Technique Residency #3 at Bundanon Trust in November 2015.

Hyperreal Tales is part of a suite of projects under the banner of Bundanon Local in which Bundanon Trust initiates original creative interactions between the local community and some of Australia’s leading artists.

Spirits is for Luke Campbell – an emerging artist who attended The Beyond Technique Residency #3 immersive skills development and performance project. The project is part of an ongoing relationship between Dance Integrated Australia and Bundanon Trust and is endorsed by the World Dance Alliance.

The Beyond Technique Residency #3 is a week-long immersive program, focused on developing solo and ensemble practice with emerging and established artists with different physicality, life experience and creative background. Artistic collaborators originate from across Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

The Corner Dance Lab 2015 attracted local, interstate and international dancers from Christchurch, Norway and Berlin across a 10-day interdisciplinary art form skills development and performance project led by collaborators Philip Channells (Dance Integrated Australia) and Gavin Webber (The Farm).

The Beyond Technique Residency #2 is a disability-inclusive dance / theatre skills development and performance project led by Creative Director, Philip Channells (Dance Integrated Australia) with associate artist, Lee-Anne Litton (Strings Attached) and filmmaker, Tim Standing (Daylight Breaks).

The Main Event is the culmination of an 8-day program of dance workshops and masterclasses led by some of Australia’s leading dance artists taking part in The Corner Dance Lab 2015. This film captures some of the dancers that took part in the project.

The Corner Dance Lab is a collaboration between Philip Channells (Dance Integrated Australia) & Gavin Webber (The Farm). This film features dancers from across Australia and New Zealand who took part in the pilot project in January 2014.

Highlights from the ‘New Works Forum – Challenging Perspectives on Physicalities and Bodies’ featuring Australian dance practitioners, Philip Channells (Dance Integrated Australia) and Lee Wilson (Branch Nebula). The ‘New Works Forum’ is an initiative of the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority (WKCDA) in Hong Kong.

This film is a trailer of PERFECT (im)PERFECTIONS – stories untold directed by Dance Integrated Australia’s Creative Director, Philip Channells. The work features 20 performers across different generations (ages 23 – 80) with different physicality and dance experience.

‘The Helpmann Academy – The Early Years’ features grant recipients from some of South Australia’s Helpmann Academy partner schools, including Roy Ananda, Philip Channells, Luke Dollman, Catherine Aldrette-Morris and Chris Wainwright. The film was shown at the Helpmann Academy’s 20th birthday celebrations.

A teaser for PERFECT (im)PERFECTIONS – stories untold for the 2014 DansiT/Multiplié Dansefestival in Trondheim, Norway. This is a collaboration between director/choreographer – Philip Channells, author/hip hop artist, Trond Wiger and musician/composer, Arnfinn Killingtveit.

This video shows excerpts of the Beyond Technique Residency at Bundanon Trust’s Riversdale property on the NSW south coast. This is Dance Integrated Australia’s first disability-inclusive dance residency at Bundanon.

Accessible Arts released a series of short films answering frequently asked questions around integrated dance. This film features participants and choreographers from the Catalyst Dance Masterclass Series 2013.

A short clip of audience feedback from the Catalyst Dance Masterclass Series 2013 finale, Second Skin featuring the work of Sue Healey. Dean Walsh and Philip Channells. This project is an initiative of Accessible Arts.

This video was taken in July 2013 during a 2-week residency held at Bundanon Trust’s Riversdale property. Bundanon Trust is situated along the Shoalhaven Rover on the NSW south coast.

This Accessible Arts film is from the Catalyst Dance Masterclass Series 2012 at Carriageworks in Redfern, Sydney. It features some of NSW’s most exciting emerging, re-emerging and professional dance artists working together.

This work in progress (first treatment) was a collaboration with 8 dancers working over 10 days. It was performed at the Australian Dance Theatre’s ‘Rough Draft’ and Ausdance SA’s ‘Choreolab In-Theatre’ seasons in Adelaide 4 – 6 Oct 2012.

This video was produced for the Arts Activate Conference 2010 and features the results of my work after a 1 day and 2hr master class at the Carriageworks in Redfern, Sydney.

This is an excerpt of the work I directed for Restless Dance Theatre in 2010, Next of Kin. The Youth Ensemble were joined by family members and friends to make up an intergenerational cast aging from 7 to the very young at heart.

This video is an example of some of the Community Outreach work I did in Northern NSW to help establish a new organisation that works with people with and without a disability, Studio Aperio.

This footage was taken at the National Dance Forum 2011 in Melbourne where I was a panelist for discussions on ‘Dance practice in communities’.

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