Kristina Chan

Kristina Chan

Kristina’s classes will focus on strengthening and conditioning the body and mind whilst warming up for the days activities ahead. She will place emphasis on energy flow, direction and impetus through the body, releasing into gravity and momentum.

I am thrilled to be a part of The Corner Dance Lab 2016 and to work with such a diverse range of artists. I am excited to share my practice in this time and to learn from the participating artists involved. Kristina Chan


Over the past 16 years Kristina has performed throughout Australia, Canada, UK, USA, Asia, Israel and Europe working with; Force Majeure Australian Dance Theatre Garry Stewart, Chunky Move, Australian Ballet, Gideon Obarzanek, Lucy Guerin Inc, Stephanie Lake, Lisa Wilson, Sydney Theatre Company, Legs On The Wall, Tasdance, Narelle Benjamin, Anton, Tanja Liedtke, Victoria Chiu, Victoria Hunt and Martin del Amo.

Kristina is developing A Faint Existence, a full length solo dance work produced by Force Majeure.

Other choreographic works are Kingdom Mourning (2012 Adelaide College of the Arts), Two Player Games (2013 NAISDA dance college) short solo works Carnivorous (Solo Festival of Dance Brisbane), Lost and Found (iOU Dance 2011 and Spring Dance Festival 2012) and Crestfallen (iOU 2013) and adrift (iOU 2014). Kristina is the Project Manager of iOU Dance, which is a choreographic platform for NSW independent choreographers.

Kristina has been awarded a Helpmann Award for her performance in Narelle Benjamin’s In Glass (2011) and two Australian Dance Awards for Tanja Liedtke’s Twelfth Floor (2006) and construct (2009).

Photo: Kristina Chan