Tim Standing

Tim Standing

Tim Standing’s interest in documentation began in his father’s photographic dark room around the age of 8. Through his teens he went on to both study and experiment with mixed format photography and light manipulation, to the point where he was regularly late for high school, and often covered in dangerous quantities of acetic acid and traces of silver halide salts. This distracted him from his academic studies for many years, and ultimately led him toward the pursuits of a young artist, specifically in photography…until his dad told him to “get a real job…!”.

Between the lines, his first real opportunity to roll up his sleeves and get behind a professional camera was on the job for Melbourne based production house Non Breaking Space Global (ex Big Time Media) under the guidance of Wayne Tindall (DOP/DIR), where we swiftly became interested and began adapting his skills in still photography, to begin his understanding of the art of motion pictures. He worked with Tindall for several years and was afforded a complete edit suite and camera kit by his teacher, which gave him the ability to found Daylight Breaks in 2005. His passion has grown, his experiences broadened, and he now continues to blend his art with his science within Daylight Breaks – a successful digital media production house, and documentary film company.

He feels he finally has a “real job”, and his work encompasses his personal artistic approach to storytelling and documentation with honesty and integrity.

Tim is currently producing and directing a feature-length documentary film for international release, and he has had the opportunity of working in his field with his most venerably esteemed, including Akram Khan, Barrack Obama, Ravi Shankar and Mary Robinson.