Kate Harman

Kate Harman


‘Meat and Bone’ is designed to encourage the dancer to gain maximum power in movement with minimal effort through the use of momentum. Through the exhaustive nature of the class there is a discovery of the body’s natural movement and a desire to arrive somewhere through the path of least resistance. Based on a systematic and relentless series of movements that travel down the room, you are learning through doing and bypassing the time and luxury of questioning. This class is a workout where your own body will become the greatest teacher and where your physical individuality will not be discarded.

I am extremely excited to be heading to Federal once again to participate and teach at The Corner. I look forward to the community we create, a place of sharing, experience and learning with and from one another. Kate Harman


Kate Harman is a contemporary dancer, performer, choreographer and collaborator who has been working for 10 years between Australia and Europe. She has created and performed in works within the realms of dance, theatre, circus, performative installation and in projects created with amateurs and young people. She most commonly works with THE FARM, a collaborative group working for utopian ideals, whose works varies in style from traditional theatre spaces, to sight specific and interactive works.

After completing her dance training in 2004 at the Queensland University of Technology, Kate spent four years at Dancenorth under the Artistic Direction of Gavin Webber. In 2009 she moved to Germany initially working for PVC (Physical Virus Collective) at the Stadt Theater Freiburg. In Germany Kate created a number of her own works and collaborations.

Since 2013 Kate has once again been working out of Australia and focusing her energy on projects with THE FARM and developing her solo choreographic practise. She is currently questioning the notion of performance and the idea of authenticity within a performance context and has always been interested in an honest exchange between the performer and audience.

Photo: Kate Harman