Philip Channells

Philip Channells

Promoting the diverse nature of the work we produce, The Corner Dance Lab celebrates some of Australia’s best dance makers. Through our collective approach in dance we raise the bar here in Australia.

Our shared practice challenges our own and our audiences expectations of what dance is, what it looks like and who can dance.

Through using improvisation as a creative and investigative tool, we’re able to tap into our different embodiment and life experience to generate new movement vocabulary. We’ll create an environment where everyone’s individuality is valued, where the dancers contributions are acknowledged to guide the creative process. We’re gunna sweat, play and show.

The experiments we initiate, the ideas we exchange and the people we connect with have lasting effects on everyone involved and its become a regular feature of the dance ecology here in the Northern Rivers region for the past 3 years. I look forward to sharing this with everyone. Philip Channells


Philip Channells (Creative Director, Dance Integrated Australia) has a rich history of working with the sector in Australia & abroad and has an accumulated knowledge of the nuances & characteristics of Australia’s contemporary disability-inclusive dance. He’s produced a vibrant, inclusive program of labs, workshops, forums, atypical collaborations, community & professional presentations and provides creative advocacy for its community of dancers, choreographers & practitioners.

His choreographic credits include: Behind The Façade, The Main Event (2015), PERFECT (im)PERFECTIONS – stories untold, The Main Event (2014), Skin-deep, Enter & Exit (2013), Second Skin, inPerspective #1, Lythophytes & Epiphytes (2012), Next of Kin – no ordinary status family (2010). Philip is fiercely committed to the development of thriving artistic communities that integrate people from diverse age groups, backgrounds and life experience.

His recent collaborations include developing No Difference with Gavin Webber & Marissa Burgess for The Arts Centre Gold Coast; Inflight Trilogy with Sam James and James Brown; It’s All About Me – solo series with Daniel Monks; Dance, Architecture, Design with Dr Sam Spurr and Ebony James Chow. Through The Corner Residency Program he has supported the work of Martin Del Amo and Phil Blackman’s Songs Not To Dance To; Timothy Ohl’s KING TV: A solo delusion with Luke Smiles.

He has established several inclusive projects in regional NSW including, ‘The Corner Dance Lab’ in Federal (2014 – 2016) and ‘The Beyond Technique Residency’ at Bundanon Trust (2013 – 2015), both endorsed by the World Dance Alliance; and the Bundanon Local Project: No Time Like Now with Sam James and Regina Heilmann.

He is currently  collaborating with Force Majeure on ‘Off The Record’ for the 2016 Carriageworks program.

Photo: Sean Campbell