Dominic T. Rado

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Born in Sydney, Newtown in 1992 Dominic has been playing the violin since the age of 4. The Rado family moved to Hungary in 1997, where Dom took music lessons for 8 years and after was accepted into the Conservatorium of Music in Budapest. Where after a very militant 12 years of classical training he found himself ‘infected’ by the jazz bug. His flirting with jazz and improvising started there at the age of 16.

Although he found the jazz world and improvising very frustrating in the beginning, Dominic left Hungary at age 19 and returned to Australia where he travelled the countryside not particularly interested in the violin as his career. He settled on the far north cost of NSW where to his surprise, he felt his music flourish. He found home in music again where his improvisation technique really took off. Playing to a variety of audiences throughout the shire, from busking on the colourful streets, to performing with bands and artists like The Soulshakers and Laura Targett. Dominic is now a full time musician working with artists of all styles around the Byron shire.

With a strong aim to strip the violin of all its perceived stereotypes and place the instrument in a more contemporary spotlight, Dominic’s improvisation technique allows him to easily adapt to almost any environment using his instrument like a chameleon, placing it in arias never expected in the arts.