Dance Integrated Australia creates new collaborative opportunities for established and emerging artists from diverse backgrounds. It provides transformative experiences and high quality arts skills development opportunities whilst producing innovative work.

For many, Dance Integrated Australia lays a foundation from which emerging artists launch their careers. A newly connected community of dancers, choreographers and cross art form collaborators who value, challenge, redefine and inform our different perspectives of contemporary life is the core of its work.

Dance Integrated Australia is an Associate Organisation of Ausdance NSW 2016 – 2018.

Dance Integrated Australia is an extraordinary company, which works in inclusive professional environments. It is founded on the principles of its core values which include:

  • Inclusivity and respect
  • Challenging mindsets and perceptions
  • Collaborations for high quality, cutting edge outcomes
  • Unique and extraordinary audience experiences
  • International reach and recognition.

To contact Philip Channells, email philipchannells@gmail.com or telephone / text +61 432 073 304.






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