Grayson Millwood

Grayson Millwood

Berlin-based, Grayson Millwood visits Australia for The Corner Dance Lab 2015 project and will be part of the artistic team that delivers the daily workshop and masterclass program.

Grayson will deliver his workshop titled, Stage Hog.

Are you a stage hog? Have you ever been on stage with someone who is? Whether the stage is your living room or Carnegie Hall, people need to know how to share it. In this workshop, we will play games, improvise, and learn how to perform with, not in spite of your fellow performers, working together to create something greater. Failing that, we will look at ways to out-hog a hog.

Open to anyone with a desire to connect.


In the year Grayson Millwood began taking dance classes, he was hit by a car. He had skipped his ballet class and was trying not to be seen by his parents as he ran across the road. Between that year and this one, there have been lots of changes, and somehow what was a hobby, has become a career.

In the last 20 years, Grayson has worked in 50 countries creating and performing in theatre, dance, opera, installation and film.

During this time, he has been lucky enough to work with Choreographers such as Meryl Tankard (AUS), Nasser Martin-Gousset (FR), Joachim Schloermer (CH), Chemekilehner, (US), Constanza Macras (AR/DE) and Sasha Waltz (DE), as well as video artists such as Julian Rosefeldt, Eve Sussman and Janet Cardiff.

It was the work with Sasha Waltz that prompted him to move to Berlin in 1999, where he now lives and where he continues to work with her as a guest.

Grayson enjoys working collaboratively, and has co-founded the companies Splintergroup (Lawn and roadkill) Animal Farm Collective (Food Chain and Good little soldier) and recently The FARM.

Recently he has taken an interest in creating performances for children. Involving Edgar (in collaboration with Claudia de Serpa Soares) which opened at the Tanz im August festival in Berlin, Freckles, created last year, during his appointment as Artist in Residence, at the Festspielhaus St.Poelten in Austria, and A Little Large, created as a part of Tanzzeit earlier this year.