inPerspective #1 – a writing task

inPerspective #1 is a first stage research studying the relationship between the human body and architectural concepts. This is a new short work in development being created on an absolutely ZERO budget.  inPerspective #1 will be presented at the Ausdance SA Choreolab season on Thursday 4th – Saturday 6th October at the Adelaide College of the Arts and a very low production version of the work at Australian Dance Theatre’s Rough Draft #3 on Friday 5th October 2012.

Writing Task

The dancers were asked to respond to the chosen music for this new work, which is a track called ‘Sue’ by an unknown artist. The track is layered with many sounds that often compliment and oppose each other and at times becomes irritating to listen to. Through a conscious stream of writing task, the dancers responded to the sensations of this aural experience. It begins another investigation in this project which translates written word into movement.

Vincent Peter Vayne

There is an empty silence with the mechanical whirs and ums of an otherworldly presence. It is man-made, however; human, very human in its abstractions. The wounded cry of the cello and strings wail to die electronically with the sirens and cat-calls of a hundred broken sounds. Beauty clashes upon beauty to distort and fracture the “Natural Sound” – a long climactic note and silence. The bubbling of jungle potions and bird squawks in a rainforest, an inhabited rainforest teeming with the same strange mech-whirs that began our journey. Transporting across the country-side, our radio falters. It is breaking. Tribal windpipes of our Amazon experience are melting into orchestral fragments. The discordance and inharmonious unity of fragile noises – perhaps miniature insects desperately speaking their thoughts to find some glory in an ever-changing zoo of beauty.

Annabelle Clough

Sharp, awkward, I’m curious, what’s happening, strange where am I. What is it? Something being cut, hammered, screeching, built, building layers, mixed with emotions, classical, tormented, strength, sadness, moments of silence, sirens layers and layers of busy noise. Fragmented, scared, silence, not sure where I am? Being taken down different paths on different journeys. Silence something is happening, something is growing. Sharp, animal, bird, workplace, echoes noise noise so much noise!!! Let me hear one thing, thoughts words scattered across a landscape, take me to the beautiful music, theatre, orchestra, warm up, heart felt, dark, passion… lots happening. I want to hear the classical music, let it take me away. Confused parts of me, only want the good stuff, throw out all the bad stuff. So many noises screech, scratch.

Chris Mifsud

I’m hearing sounds, real sounds, made sounds. Creation of life and the fusion of man and nature. Suddenly a classical interruption, the sound of strings pulling at my heart. But now I’m in space which suddenly becomes an orchestra pit, warming up around me are musicians and I’m naked because I don’t know where I am. I’m spinning, I’m losing sight but I can see concrete jungles towering above. Concrete jungles, real jungles. There’s nature again but now it’s gone. A man standing a top a hill plays to me, he serenades a lullaby which reveals his true identity to be that of my own reflection in a broken mirror. The noise, the sound, the music, it makes no sense other than we are our own creation, what we build ourselves to be.

Ruby Dolman

Grinding sounds. Loud. Clench fists. Silence. Birds and alarms. People making noise. The grinding continues. Spaceships. Sirens loud and soft. Bugs in the jungle. Bin lids rolling. Violins deep and fast sound. High pitch. Screeching. Silence. Alarms. Orchestra warming up. Clashing sounds. Scary sounds. Wind. Continuous sound. Scratching. Silence. Jelly and screeching. Footsteps. Spaceship. Birds. Tapping. Broken piano. Spaceship. Pots and pans. High pitch flute. Music interrupted by rolling lids and shooting sounds. A theatre filled with putty and trash. Under the sea. Bubbles. Scratching. Grinding. Metal. Waste trucks. Waste lands. Hand saw cutting instruments.

Jianna Georgiou

food car dancing fluid sharp music AC Arts dancing geometric shops instruments in love sarcastic geography blindfold psycho psychic ocean waves crashing cranes sound effects fan specific speakers photoshoot choreograph hamburger flow foundation rock movies animals second nature

Ellen Worley

•    Boxes and angular shapes made out of wood in a white room
•    Metal tools and tool boxes in the colours of red, blue and grey
•    A rainforest that is lusciously green with tall trees and birds chirping
•    Being on the inside of a spaceship
•    The music on the movie Mao’s Last Dancer
•    Once my friend’s car got stolen. The police found it on the other side of the city completely burnt out
•    Being in a pipe underground that carries water
•    Being outside on a bushwalking trip with my grandparents
•    Opening old rusty metal boxes
•    I live on the other side of the fence from a medical centre. One night I was lying in bed and heard a metal grinder. I looked out my window to find a large flame above where the bin in that reached 50 metres into the sky. The men had tried to unlock the bin and set the medical waste alight.
•    Waking up at my grandparent’s shack to birds chirping. These birds make different sounds to the ones I wake up to at home.
•    An orchestra warming up. There is an atmosphere of excitement, readiness and expectancy. I get jealous of whoever is performing – whether it be a ballet, or my sister’s orchestral concert.
•    Swan lake music and the makeup of prima ballerinas
•    The Royal show and poker machines. The bright lights and colours. In psychology class I learnt about how the people who design gambling machines only reward people enough times to make them come back.
•    Filling up glasses with water of different levels and playing them.
•    Children’s toys can make weird sounds that are repetitive and annoying. A mother throws the toy on the ground and the child whines and cries.

Emma Watkins

Noises sounding similar to a car yard

boxes, shapes, swirling



remind me of a drain

Car alarms, birds, abstract, housing

soft instrument coming in sounding slightly sensual

jerky noises in the middle triggered an alarm

effects & response

Made me feel edgy with the discontinuation, which occurred half way through

waiting for something to happen

stayed similar for a long time – gradually became boring

alienation, planets, evolution

Things evolving


contortion, disjointed

combination of multiple sounds

Seems to fall back to similar sounds

using same sounds in a different order

makes me want to scratch myself

emu’s walking


toilet flushing

animalistic noises

Circus, car unable to start

walking around aimlessly


swaying movement with outbursts of energy.