Rough Draft – Physical Perspectives

Australian Dance Theatre (ADT) presents Rough Draft, a raw and uncensored platform for artists to present their work in its early stages of development. Curated for artists, by artists, Rough Draft provides an opportunity to step inside the minds of some of South Australia’s finest creative thinkers and experience first-hand their creative development process in an informal, cabaret style setting.

I will be presenting some of my Physical Perspectives movement research which has been inspired by architecture and design and some of the shared language we use in dance. Choreographers are like architects who build dynamic structures with human bodies. Joining me for this very early stage collaboration will be Ebony James Chow, Dr. Margit Bruenner, Sean Campbell and independent artists with a disability and students from the Adelaide College of the Arts (Dance).

The evening will showcase early stages of new work by myself, Ade Suharto, Alex Knox, Ross Ganf (Torque Show), Christy Williams, Erin Fowler & Daniel Jaber who is currently working with the ADT dancers on NOUGHT. There will also be a talk by Maggie Tonkin.