Hyperreal Tales

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As part of a Bundanon Local Project, Hyperreal Tales present unique perspectives on the world in a series of short films which will be exhibited at the Shoalhaven City Arts Centre & Regional Gallery in Nowra from 2 April – 21 May 2016.

19 local participants from the Shoalhaven district have found ways to tell their stories through dance, images, words and music. The project has been developed by director / choreographer Philip Channells and filmmaker Sam James over three years.

As an artist who often works within diverse communities, developing trust and connection between each other is an integral part of my creative process. Through dance and movement, I aim to establish a nurturing and safe space for people to express their individuality. Philip Channells

The participants initially responded to the landscape or shared stories about the local area. Some of the participants took the project into other imaginative territory.

Filmmaker Sam James reflects on the project below…

One thing I enjoy the most about working with community, most of whom wouldn’t consider themselves professional artists, is the way that experimentation through visual recording of movements, drawings, writings, objects and landscapes all mean something to someone.  The collation of all these little parts starts to reveal deeper layers of dreams and psychology of a person.  A portrait begins to form. Sam James

Hyprerreal Tales is accessible to viewers with visual or hearing impairment. For more information about the exhibition, visit the link here

Image: Sam James | Performer: Ricky Rothwell