Dance Makers Collective – DADS

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Dance Integrated Australia welcomes Sydney-based Dance Makers Collective to Federal who are set to kick off The Corner Residency Program for 2016 with their new work in development, DADS.

The second stage development of DADS will be held at Jasper Corner from Monday 15 – Saturday 20 February 2016. For this production, the Collective are seeking advice from their dads…. on how to make dance. ‘Dad dancing’ is much derided, but ask a dancer’s father, “when is it ok to dance?” or “why bother dancing?” and the answers are not what you’d expect.

Enter a world of secret solo dance practices, gender bending, philosophising and joyful experimentation. As contemporary dancers take their art form for a walk back through their family history, they investigate the cultural relevance of dance and its timeless ability to nurture collective experience.

Dance Makers Collective has imagination, thoughtfulness, individuality, performing ability and commitment. Even a sense of humour. Jill Sykes, Sydney Morning Herald

Dance Makers Collective (DMC) is a group of Sydney based dancers and choreographers. With a fluid, collective structure DMC aims to support the development of new dance work by its members, from research stages right through to production, building vibrant and highly collaborative working relationships.

The DMC artists will lead an open level community workshop at Jasper Corner from 10:30am – 12:30pm on Wednesday 18 February. They will take participants through a yoga / contemporary dance warm-up, some of their our own
creative / improvisation tasks, and finish with repertoire from the upcoming show.

Cost: $20 / person. To book your place, visit the Eventbrite link or email

Philip Channells (Creative Director, Dance Integrated Australia) invites you to join Dance Makers Collective at Jasper Corner’s old church at 7pm on Friday 20 February for an evening of fun and dance.

The DMC artists will share some tasty morsels from their new work in development. Their show is about Dads, that’s right, they’re going straight to the dance experts to help them out with this one. They’ve been hassling dads all over the countryside to share their dance stories, and now it’s Federal’s turn. So, if you know a Dad, are a Dad, have seen a Dad dance, have danced, like dance, like to watch dance, then this is a showing for you.

Devisors / Performers: Matt Cornell, Anya Mckee, Sophia Ndaba, Katina Olsen, Marnie Palomares, Melanie Palomares, Carl Sciberras and Mirnada Wheen.

Tickets: free (at the door). Bookings through Eventbrite

For more information about the workshop and sharing telephone / text Philip Channells on +61 432 073 304 or email

This project is supported by Arts NSW, FORM Dance Projects, Parramatta Artists Studios and Dance Integrated Australia.

Photo: Heidrun Löhr / from L – R: Tony Sciberras, Carl Sciberras, Anya Mckee and John Mckee