No Story Unturned


Perfect (im)Perfections – stories untold is a new full-length work directed by Philip Channells for the Multiplié Dansefestival in Trondheim, Norway. This international collaboration (AUS/NOR) is a journey through collections of performers’ personal accounts of their hidden stories, thoughts, dreams and imaginations, which reflect and mirror our perceptions of perfection.

With delicate sensitivity the lighting designer, Svein Inge Neergård and sound artist, Arnfinn Killingtveit transform the popular concert venue, the Verkstedhallen, into a dimly lit environment filled with recorded voices of children playing amongst the urban noise of the Svartlamon district. This is the headquarters for DansiT’s bi-annual dance festival which attracts artistic collaborations from all corners of the globe.

Whilst the audience arrives 19 dancers aging from 23 – 80 years old fill the stage and bar area telling jokes and sharing laughter – some sitting while others traverse the entire performance space. They tell their childhood stories and intimate moments from as far back as WWII which are captured in photographs many share with each other and passersby.

Like a Viking god rising out of the clouds, rap artist Trond Wiger begins the opening scene set high above the bar. Lightening flickers below as his deep penetrating voice bellows through the darkness. With little visual stimulation for the audience, his poetry raises the audience’s sensory awareness before the dancers below emerge like seaweed attached to the bottom of the ocean floor.

PERFECT (im)PERFECTIONS is a perfect piece of dance art, revealing what I have always believed about dance: the more difference you put on stage, under the guidance of a skillful choreographer, the more dance has to say as an art form. The show is touching, honest and absolutely cool. A bunch of crazy beautiful dancers just blow me away. Dr. Tone Pernille Østern

It’s an international cast of performers with family origins from Argentina, the Philippines, Russia, Australia and local Norwegian talent. Images of Australian fauna appear on souvenir aprons worn by three of the male performers (Luis Della Mea Delucchi, Finn Adrian Jorkjen and Trond Wiger) in a humourous recreation of the popular 1980’s dating show, ‘Perfect Match’ coupled with newspaper personal column ads for lonely hearts.

In an exciting climax which sees all three generations of these performers with and without disability meet the demands of any professional contemporary dance outfit, the audiences sees visually impaired performer Liv-Karin Alm searching for her long-lost friend, Bente.

Wiger’s hair-raising performance throughout the work and the dancer’s intricate choreography leaves you wanting to see it again and again.

The season runs from 2 – 3 April 2014. Fore more information about PERFECT (im)PERFECTIONS – stories untold and tickets for the Multiplié Dansefestival, visit the DansiT website

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Photo: Arne Hauge / Tove Aagard