Perfect (im)Perfections

Multiplie Dansefestival


Perfect (im)Perfections is the latest full-length work currently in development by Dance Integrated Australia’s Creative Director, Philip Channells. Commissioned by DansiT – Senter for Dansekunst i Sør-Trøndelag in Trondheim Norway, this intergenerational disability-inclusive work will premiere at the Multiplié Dansefestival 2014.

Two local dance companies, Danselaboratoriet and Danseteateret 55+ will work together throughout this project which is made possible in co-operation with Den Kulturelle Skolesekken Trondheim. The creative process has begun remotely through digital mediums including film and Skype and will be the sequel to Next of Kin – no ordinary status family which Channells directed for Adelaide’s Restless Dance Theatre (2010).

The main contributors for Perfect (im)Perfections are:

The Culture Unit, Trondheim Municipality

The Cultural Rucksack, Trondheim Municipality

South-Trøndelag County Authority

Arts Council Norway

Fritt Ord

In this creative process I want to uncover a collection of unique stories and life experience in reference to how the dancers inhabit their skin, their mind and their physical and emotional environments and use a palette of ideas combining dance, theatre and spoken word to create Perfect (im)Perfections. Philip Channells

For more information about the Multiplié Dansefestival 2014, click here.

Photo: DansiT