Arnfinn Killingtveit

Arnfinn Killingtveit

Arnfinn Killingtveit (musician/sound artist/performer), joins Trond Wiger (rap-artist/writer/performer) and the Creative Director of Dance Integrated Australia, Philip Channells in an exciting international collaboration. Together they form part of the artistic personnel invited to work together to create Perfect (im)Perfections.

Commissioned by DansiT – Senter for Dansekunst i Sør-Trøndelag for the Multiplié Dansefestival 2014, this new commission will draw upon different artistic mediums while engaging artists from the Danselaboratoriet and Danseteateret 55+. Director of Perfect (im)Perfections, Philip Channells has begun the rehearsal process remotely from Australia. He will travel to Trondheim, Norway with Katina Olsen (Dance Makers Collective, Sydney) where they will work together for the final 4-week rehearsal period in March.

“The prophecies already state very clearly that this project will be an explosion of minds, bodies and souls (whatever definition of the latter). I am honoured to bring my sonic experiments to the table, and I am so looking forward to seeing, hearing and feeling how it all will merge together and become an entity of its own when our various vibrations meet and join forces next year. I am incredibly happy to get a chance to work with such a great collection of people.”


Arnfinn Killingtveit is a multi-artist with a main background from music and sound art, and has a master in Music technology from NTNU in 2009 focusing on algorithmic composition. He works with sonic expressions ranging from noise, improvisation and field recordings, to tranquil ambient and more beat oriented electronic music. He has frequented the musical underground scene for many years under different names, most active in recent years with projects like TARFIELD and Swamps Up Nostrils. For live performances he mostly applies self-produced software as well as self-built electro-acoustic instruments and analogue noise-gadgets, and has made instruments out of anything from alpine skiing helmets to flashlights. Arnfinn Killingtveit has also worked with technical and aesthetic advice in connection with other people’s art projects. He has appeared as the organizer of ‘Klubb Kanin’, the ‘Støy På Landet’ festival, ‘Lydeksperimentklubben’ and the concert series ‘Utfrodring’, and has also worked as producer in Trondheim Matchmaking 2009 and the Meta.Morf Biennale 2010. He also ran the very marginal music label ‘Krakilsk’ for some years, putting out 50 releases of CDR´s printed in his own bedroom, of artists from around the world. Arnfinn Killingtveit likes trees in a non-sexual fashion and enjoys transgressive thinking in general.