Introducing Elizabeth Ryan

Elizabeth Ryan

News Flash: Elizabeth Ryan, who is one of Australia’s most well respected dance artists, will be joining Dance Integrated Australia for the first ever disability-inclusive dance residency at the Arthur & Yvonne Boyd Education Centre at Riversdale on the NSW South Coast 10 – 12 July 2013.

Elizabeth and I first met in Adelaide when The Fondue Set (which she is a founding member of) were on their inaugural tour. We later worked together in Sydney during the first-stage development of Back from Front by Dean Walsh. More recently Elizabeth was a guest artist with Restless Dance Theatre where we worked together during two developments of a new work directed by Dean Walsh.

The Beyond Technique Residency an exciting opportunity for up to 20 artists from across the country and internationally to attend three days of inclusive dance practice – both ensemble and solo.  Elizabeth’s solo performance experience of works including, I was Made for Loving You (2012) and Aunt Hilda’s Brass Razoo (2009) will provide a selection of emerging and professional artists (with and without a disability) her personal approach to making new work. Elizabeth will mentor the performers in the first stage development of their solos which they will be shown on the final day of the residency.

I’m very excited to have the opportunity to work as a mentor on this disability-inclusive residency led by Philip Channells at Bundanon NSW. I look forward to working with choreographers and dancers from across Australia for an intensive three days of creative play. With a broad focus on developing solo and ensemble practice, the workshop will include investigating how we can develop a dance practice that supports the expansion of possibilities for generating new work, and working with improvisation as a means to generate material and to practise performing, said Elizabeth.

The Early Bird Expression of Interest to attend the residency closes on Friday 31 May 2013. For more information click here.


Elizabeth Ryan (BA Dance UWS Nepean) is a choreographer, performer, and founding member of The Fondue Set. Her solo works include I was Made for Loving You (2012) created with fashion designers Romance Was Born as part of the Oh! Wanna Dance with Somebody! Festival at The Campbelltown Arts Centre, and Aunt Hilda’s Brass Razoo (2009) also commissioned by The Campbelltown Arts Centre and further developed through a Performing Arts Residency at Fraser Studio’s. Selected works with The Fondue Set include a residency and showing of You are Gorgeous and I’m Coming created with New York artist Miguel Gutierrez at Carriageworks (2012), Retrospecatcle, Carriageworks (2011), and the Green Room Award Winning No Success Like Failure created in collaboration with UK director Wendy Houstoun premiering at The Studio, Sydney Opera House. Elizabeth has performed with Martin del Amo in Slow Dances for Fast Times, Force Majeure in Not in a Million Years, Dean Walsh in Back from Front, Version 1.0 in From a Distance, and with Restless Dance Theatre on the creative development of Second Nature, a new work choreographed in collaboration with Dean Walsh. Elizabeth has made works for the students of the University of New South Wales and the Australian College of Physical Education and also teaches creative dance to children.

Photograph: Stu Spence