Audience feedback

Chris Mifsud & Vincent Peter Vayne

I am so envious of your skill in working with abled and disabled bodies. Your experience really does come across in your work. There are some really nice patterns and duets/trios that you were working with that I would love to see extended. What would it be like to introduce the voice into this work? I wanted to see more duet work with the disabled dancers working together. they have such amazing power on stage. The work has got some legs. I would really push the movement content, make it a bit more challenging for the dancers. I think they can keep up with it and it will give the work a bit of an edge to it, as they will feel pushed physically and mentally. But you know me, I like speed and vicious dynamics, so I guess I really look for that. There is a really nice subtly to the work which is quite mesmerising. How does the colours of the lights fit into the work? Anyhow, I’m glad you will be continuing the work. Maybe I can come into the studio one day and just watch your rehearsals?

… it was thrilling to see how Jianna’s use of energy and focus has developed to enhance her expressive qualities and to enable her to work successfully with the more experienced Adelaide College of the Arts students.

A well structured and physically challenging work which lends itself well to the inclusion of numerous dancers. The Architectural theme has seeded some interesting vocabulary. I would like to see more reflection of the individual artists contributions developed amongst the group so there can be more stylistic reflection of all artists with in the group. This work has great potential for development.

From my perspective I was impressed with the potential of your work and the efforts to pull together a group and present a strong performance in a very short period of time. In future developments it would be great to see more exploration of the architectural themes linked to some original music created specifically for the work.

I liked the pairing of the music and dance in your work and the structural forms that the dancers made with their bodies (I suppose these were architectural references?) I’m not sure whether I’m really knowledgeable enough to critique dance, but it was an emotional experience, I guess that’s what counts.

I thought the patterns in the choreography were visually fab. inPerspective was the best!

Most professional, most interesting beautiful sequences.

Loved your piece Philip, so beautifully put together & performed. Looking forward to seeing more of your choreography / directing in the future, just remember to keep Lorcan in mind for your next integrated dance piece….. you certainly inspire the best in dancers with and without disability!

Wonderful choreography and so beautifully performed, captivating from beginning to end! More please!

There were moments in it that reminded me of Al Wunder’s work. It was stunning and really touching, thank you.

I can appreciate that this is a new work and as such and considering you had only been working with them for such a short time I thought it had some lovely moments where both Matt and Jianna melted in to the picture and I have to say they both did so well. I thought it was a fun piece of work with much commitment from the group and I would be interesting to see it further developed.

I really liked it a lot but I wished you hadn’t done the tutting.

I suspect the main difference with what you are doing with this group of performers is integrating disabled people into the able bodied group as opposed to Restless where we are all more accustomed to integrating the able bodied into the disabled group, so there are bound to be major differences and inevitably the look of the work will be quite different.

That was the best performance I’ve seen Jianna do since she started dancing. It was really fantastic seeing how hard she had worked and how integrated she and Matt were in the piece.

It was: ‘the intersection of recognisable and beautiful dance form with more organic and original form was intriguing and will be a challenging & interesting exploration in the future development of the work. The sound was the big question for me….interrupting my engagement with the work and also the intention of the dancers was questionable – but had 2 weeks development and young dancers makes sense and also…..that will come once you’ve got a hold of what you want to be focusing on.’ Well done.

Photograph: Alexander Mitchell