A showing in Moscow


The Beyond Technique Creative Residency Showing is part of a new Russian/Australian collaboration designed to develop new skills in disability-inclusive, contemporary dance theatre practice.

This project brings together emerging and established artists from diverse background and life experience across art forms and looks at inclusive practice through a different lense. The project’s objective is to eradicate social injustice, strengthen creative cultural partnerships and exchange new creative ideas with an international perspective.

Direction: Philip Channells (Australia)

Styling / Design: Sean Campbell (Australia)

Animation / Projections: Katya Craftsova (Russia)

Music: Anton Silaev (Russia)

Performers: Ella Alpina, Gena Alyapin, Anya Belyayeva, Yulia Bodrova, Fyodor Bogdanov, Sean Campbell, Lyubov (Lyuba) Khachiyeva, Tatyana Khomyakova, Mikhail Korolev, Margarita Kostova, Ekaterina Shipitsa (Odessa), Aleksandra Ryzhkina, Lyuba Shalonskaya, Svetlana Sivakina, Karina Troshin, Larisa Vinzhegina, Olesya Zhuravlyova and Yevgeniya Zelenkina.

When: 17:30 Saturday 29 October 2016

Where: Apart-Hotel «Hanoi-Moscow», 129347, Russia, Moscow, Str. Yaroslavskoe, 146 building 2

How to find the bus stop for “Hanoi-Moscow” free transfer: From VDNKh Metro go to the exit from the first car of the train, outside turn right and go 25 meters to the yellow sign of the bus stop “Hanoi-Moscow”. Free bus to “Hanoi-Moscow” works from 8.00 to 22.07 on following the schedule, one bus in 20 min. Travel time varies from – 10 – 90 minutes depending on traffic congestion.

The program is being presented as part of the IV “Inclusive Dance” International Charity Festival and is supported by the Australian Embassy in Moscow, ‘Odukhotvorenie’ – Centre of Social and Cultural Animation, Gold & Dance Studios.

Thanks also to Benny Maslov, Arseny Veytskin and Olga Pogasova for your support.

For more information about the showing, click here

Photo: Daria Kozyreva