No Difference


No Difference is a disability-inclusive dance theatre initiative in partnership with Dance Integrated Australia and The Arts Centre Gold Coast.

Led by creative director, Philip Channells the program aims to challenge perceptions of difference to support the development of the dance sector on the Gold Coast and its surrounding regions and to provide professional development for both emerging and established artists working on a common goal – to make excellent work!

No Difference began in June 2015 with a one-day panel discussion and forum which was then followed by a weekend workshop in August. This forum and workshop program was led by Philip Channells, Marissa Burgess and Ben Veitch who each brought a distinctive quality to the process.

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 1.54.45 am

Dancer: Sandi Woo

The third stage of the project was held across 2 days in January 2016. Channells and Burgess were joined by Gavin Webber, from the Gold Coast’s only professional dance company, The Farm. Together they worked with 9 artists with different life experience and dance background to create a 20 minute studio showing of the work in progress. The response from the audience was positive with many of the 50 people (mostly benefactors of The Arts Centre) were happy to stay on to meet the artists in a post show Q&A.

One of the more established dance artists amongst the ensemble commented…

I learned that in the right environment and the spirit of openness and trust – anything can happen. Sandi Woo

No Difference challenges perceptions of difference for the artists, the performers and ultimately the audience. To learn more about the initiative and to support the next stage of development of the project, email Vicki Buenen or Philip Channells.

To find out more about Philip Channells’ and Gavin Webber’s work together in the Byron Hinterland, visit The Corner Dance Lab Facebook page.

Photos: Kate Holmes / Main image – dancers: Kayah Guenther & Gabriel Comerford,