International Symposium Moscow

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 6.08.54 pmDance Integrated Australia’s Creative Director, Philip Channells is visiting Moscow for the International Symposium titled, “Social and cultural rehabilitation of people with disability: from art-therapy to realization of a person by means of creation.”

Hosted by “Odukhotvorenie” – Centre of Social and Cultural Animation, Channells will present three papers and a Masterclass at the International Symposium 6 – 8 October 2015.

The purpose of the symposium is to activate cross-cultural interaction on development and scientific explanation of modern technologies of social and cultural rehabilitation of the disabled, and on adoption and spreading them in the regions of the Russian Federation.

Below is a message from the President of the Russian Federation.

Education, public health and the system of social care must become a genuine public good for all citizens of our country. Attention towards people can’t be an imitation. Teaching, medical and social care can’t be an imitation too. You should learn to honour yourself and remember about such important thing as reputation. Reputation of our country is formed by reputation of certain hospitals, schools, universities, social institutions. And in common we have to widen the grounds for a dialogue between the state and society… V.V. Putin

The following is a list of Channells’ presentations:

1: PERFECT (im)PERFECTIONS – creating dance art with people with disabilities in and international collaboration (Norway/Australia).

2: Developing the dance sector with inclusive process of engagement – a spotlight in the Beyond Technique Residency and The Corner Dance Lab (Australia).

3: Dance Integrated Australia – challenging stereotypes and the non normative dancer.

This is a fantastic opportunity to establish new cultural relationships and generate unlimited creative potential between Australia and the Russian Federation. Philip Channells

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Philip Channells: “It’s not just therapy” – United in Dance magazine. November 2014 edition page 63 – 64.