Beyond Technique – Joensuu

Dance in Joensuu

Itäisen tanssin aluekeskuksen (ITAK) is the Regional Dance Centre of Eastern Finland. With support from DansiT – Senter for Dansekunst i Sør-Trøndelag (Trondheim, Norway) and Zodiak – Uuden Tanssin Keskus / Centre for New Dance (Helsinki, Finalnd) the Creative Director of Dance Integrated Australia, Philip Channells travelled to Joensuu to lead a 3-day workshop series called ‘Beyond Technique – searching for authenticity’.

Hosted by the Honkalampi-keskus / Honkalampi-centre in Ylämylly, which is situated on the outskirts of Joensuu, this project was part of the Scandinavian – European Spring Tour which has so far provided opportunities for more than 1000 people to engage in Channells’ work.

Local Joensuu-based dance artist, Minni Hirvonen acted as a translator throughout the three-day course which provided Channells and the workshop participants the freedom to work cohesively and harmoniously in a well-supported disability-inclusive dance environment. More than 30 dancers participated in this project which focused on developing new skills, explored improvisational tasks, freeing up unlimited creative possibilities, and the discovery of ‘authenticity’ in the devising process. Many dancers found new movement language which was adapted into choreographic scores. The course culminated in a final showing (without an audience).

I loved the way you challenged people to use what they have instead that they would have concentrated to and mourned about things they can’t do or don’t have. Thus every one came to be, just as they were, a part of the group, dance and mutual movement. You gave each freedom to move from our own starting point and it made moving meaningful and fun to each of us. Becoming one group happened exceptionally quickly. Outi Martikainen (Honkalampi-center, Finland)

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Photo: Elina Ikonen