Poetry in motion

To my surprise, I received an email from one of the dancers from Second Skin who mentioned her friend had written some poetry about her experience being in the audience at the Carriageworks. On behalf of myself and all involved I would like to thank the author, Nina Whyte for her contribution. Your poems paint a thousand pictures and remind me why I do what I do.

For one night

For one night
we drank the wine
of dance and poetry
for one night
our hearts
slipped between
another’s fingers
sculpturing our emotions
with their hands, feet and wheelchairs
for one night
our second skin
and took with it
the first
     and pain
our hearts
    whirled with
        the turn of a wheelchair
in flight
stood caged
    behind milk crates
shouted and thumped
     with humanity
for one night
our souls met
and we shared a name
Nina Wyte  13.11.12  ( Inspired by ‘Second Skin Performance’)

It is the yellow thread

It is the yellow
that connects
weaving around
along an arm
across a back
under a hand
you may dance
in it or
beside it
yellow threads
of yellow clothes
   “See me!”
see me
for who I am
for who you
think I am
yellow thread
uttering only its colour
to our eyes
then shouts
   “Hear me!”
Nina  Kyte  05.11.12  ( Inspired by ‘Second Skin’ Performance)
(Note: yellow chakra – solar plexus “Knowing ones place in the life stream.”)


Photo: Hayley Rose Photography