Photo Competition 2012 Winner

Lorcan Hopper - photo by Katie Pashley

Congratulations to Katie Pashley for her award-winning shot of one of South Australia’s emerging artists, Lorcan Hopper. This picture (amongst others featuring Lorcan and another dancer with a disability, Kyra Kimpton) was entered into the Australian Human Rights Commission Photographic Competition 2012 and won!

The winning shot!

Katie and I struck up a relationship in 2010 after she had seen the multi-award winning dance films Necessary Games by Closer Productions and Restless Dance Theatre on ABC TV. We discussed for many months the possibility of working together to capture the lives of the people I work with and finally, after a very short stop off in Sydney en-route to Newcastle, we dragged ourselves into the Mondo Digital studio after a 4am start.

Neither Katie nor I were quite sure what to expect, but it became evident quite soon into the day that we were developing a unique way of working which enabled the dancers to really find something visually quite stunning for the camera. Katie says, “My aim was to capture and promote the ability, uninhibited expression, creativity and joy of these artists through the medium of performance, specifically but not restricted to dance.”

I asked Lorcan to bring his best friend (Michael – the doll) to the shoot. They had performed together in the Youth Ensemble production Next of Kin (2010) which I directed for Restless. This is when I first realised after working with them both that there was something in their relationship which needed to be captured on film – forever. The results speak for itself.

The theme for this year’s photographic competition was Human Rights. Finalists for the Human Rights Awards have been announced, amongst them is Ian Thorpe who will attend an awards ceremony at the Sydney Hilton on on International Human Rights Day, Monday 10 December 2012. Katie, Lorcan and Philip will also attend the event to receive the award on stage together and celebrate in style the amazing contribution people have made around the country. Both Lorcan and Philip have been supported by Carclew Youth Arts to attend the Human Rights Awards.

“The work of the Australian Human Rights Commission is very important to Australian society and I feel honoured to have been given this award. I hope the award can help to raise the profile and awareness of human rights issues through the medium of art, whilst showcasing talented performers, irrespective of ability.” Katie Pashley

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Photographer / Co-Creative Director: Katie Pashley

Co-Creative Director: Philip Channells

Dancer: Lorcan Hooper

Studio: Mondo Digital

Photo Assistant – Daniel McCormac

Styling Assistance: 17eightynine (Sheldon Bøger Moffatt, Sean W. Campbell & Roger C. Searle)

Katie recently photographed some of the dancers from the Catalyst Dance Masterclass Series III at the Carriageworks in Sydney. These photo’s are yet to be published, but you can see more of her fashion and editorial work by visiting her website.