The Jedi Trainer

He is the Jedi Trainer.

A Jedi Training session with David Evans has just shifted my consciousness. It’s awakened my inner knowing about what it is I need to do… right now, and what steps I need to take to enable me to realign my creative path in the same upward spiraling direction I had been happily on before I hit… a (virtual) wall.

Although I’ve known David for more than 13 years in different capacities, I had never engaged in a way with him where I felt comfortable to expose my vulnerability – I guess we never really had the opportunity to connect on this level. I completely gave over to trust. Of course we put our history behind us and we had to do that to enter into a new relationship where I could trust that the journey with a Jedi Trainer was exactly what I needed. This was his suggestion in the 10-minute preamble which enabled him to go through what I could expect in the first session and ask me some general questions about my experience of coaching and how that differed from mentoring or therapy. This was really useful to clarify before we got down and dirty and into the business of making positive change.

David guided me through what it was I felt I needed to work on. He set the scene and I filled in the all the details. What it looked like, where it sits in my body physically, how it feels right now and when it is I’m feeling the way I do. He has an incredible talent to relate my body language into meaning and I guess through the information I offered him throughout the 50-min session (remember this is a Skype call without any video footage) he unlocked some quite valuable and insightful meaning.

Although our Skype connection between Adelaide and Amsterdam was interrupted from time to time, I felt the pathway for communication was entirely open. He enabled me to shift some heavy burdens I’d had sitting around for a little while now.

Asking “what kind of an animal do I feel like right now?” could for some, be quite challenging and difficult to answer, but I welcomed this way of working physically, emotionally and spiritually with open arms. He listened closely to what I was saying, reiterated what I’d said (never interpreted anything) and made some suggestions that I knew were about me feeling like I had come up with the ideas myself. David guided me to look into who I truly am in this moment to regain the powerful self that I have been all my life. He did this in a way that was not coercive, threatening, uncomfortable or odd in any way.

I think it takes great skill to enable someone to shift something in someone (providing there is a real desire to change) and David’s done that for me just now.

The force is in me.