Carnival in Kaohsiung

In an eclectic night of diversely entertaining international dance ranging from Chinese Classical Dance, jazz, modern contemporary, solo works from two American dancers (Liza Rachford and Elaijah Williams) and collaborations from guest choreographers Sanne Fokkens-van der Mass and Ting-Yu Chen (Ohio State University Dance Department), this performance event was part of the Carnival in Kaohsiung.

It was originally to be staged at the Weiwuying Arts Centre Banyan Ground, but due to a sudden and violent down pour of rain event organizer Su-Ling Chow (Zuoying Senior High School) made a tough but very timely decision to relocate the night to the dance studio just minutes from the outdoor stage. The audience of all ages (I suspect being lots of family and friends of the local Taiwanese dancers) happily squeezed like sardines into the rehearsal space. They were receptive to the idea of keeping dry whilst outdoors thunder and lightening added perfect atmosphere to the unlit performance.

More than 50 dancers ranging from about 13 to adult age from a range of backgrounds and experience, performing in 10 different works, some of a high professional standard and others just a result of just 2 days workshopping with the younger dancers (perhaps this could’ve been condensed and edited to better highlight the dancers’ exceptional technique and performance skills). Most impressive of the evenings line up was the works from the University of the Philippines, including ‘Silhouette’ by Ma. Elena Lanoig-Alvare, ‘Dog Days are Over’ by Ea Torrado and their collaboration with Zuoying dancers in ‘Class Menu’ also by Ma. Elena Lanoig.

Notably the choreography by (American-based) graduate from Zuoying Senior High School, Ting-Yu Chen delivered another impressive contemporary cultural dance exchange with local students of which audiences were thrilled  by this development and a personal appearance of the very modern all time greatest  singing sensation, Liong-Shan-Hiah whose musical hits [insert names of songs] Ting-Yu used in her composition. Many of the older audience members cued up post show for a chance to be photographed with the father & daughter sensation.

This is rehearsal footage of the dancers in ‘Dog Days are Over’ at the University of the Philippines.